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Marva Hanks Consulting LLC was founded in August 2015. Originally designed to empower athletes and their families, the company model has evolved to provide coaching in personal finance, asset & investment management along with marriage

and relationship counseling.


Marva aspires to use her platform to help cultivate a championship mentality in others. The resounding theme of her consultancy is to demonstrate innovative ways to

LOVE, SERVE and IMPACT the community across cultures, education and status by boldly following Christ's example. 


She engages diverse audiences through conversations with thought and industry leaders on her podcast, Just Keep Living. Marva is uniquely positioned to listen, assess, coach and connect.

"My gift is in connecting like-minded

people to pursue their passion and purpose."

Serving in leadership and volunteering with a number of organizations has not diminished the most important role

of Marva's life; loving mother to Milan and Maya, and

devoted wife to Merton Hanks.

Listen to Just Keep Living with Marva Hanks on the

Podotron Network 

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