Serve God. Love People. Impact Community.

Marva Hanks lives by the statement above to the best of her capabilities. This is her heart beat, passion, and what she considers as her proudest accomplishments of life. 

Serve God. 

Marva learned about Christ at an early age. She is thankful for the grace of God and is happy to boldly to serve Him where He leads her. He constantly reminds her of how present He is in every area of her life.

Love People. 

Marva, along with her husband, Merton Hanks, loves people to full capacity. They are quick to share their past experiences to help people learn from their own life lessons. 

Impact Community. 

Marva uses her platform to impact the community that is around her. She has worked with different organizations to give back to her community. Some of the current organizations Marva is involved in are C. Vivian Stringer Standing Tall Foundation, Bridgeway Preparatory Academy, and DRA Lending. Her portion of her proceeds will go towards these organizations to further their mission.


Upcoming Events

Sep 23, 2020, 6:30 PM CDT