Marva brings a steady hand and a far-reaching influence to the table with expert consulting. Consulting clients benefit from Marva's wisdom, expertise, and support while reaching their goals through her guidance and resources.

Conflict Resolution

Marva offers a spirit of peace, a calming presence, and an invitation to open communication when it comes to conflict resolution. Her background as an ambassador for various foundations and as a community liaison has made her a bridge-builder, ready to identify and relate to complex situations. Marva understands that emotions can stall final resolution, so she offers the third-party mediation and leadership needed to bring individuals and groups to an agreement. 


Marva has over 30 years of experience bringing her influence and resources to the table for underserved populations. Her work with special services and public education have given her a strong background in supporting extensive projects from launch to completion. 

Marva's consulting clients benefit from this experience and gain a powerful advocate. With a nationwide network and years of experience, Marva helps clients make the connections and gather the tools they need to succeed. 

Marva Hanks has always been a woman of high quality – taking the back seat in humility is what shines through. Over the past seven years or more she has been the sister I never had. She is a woman of Godly moral character. I know two women who are examples of Proverbs 31 (the entire chapter) – my wife, Felicity, & Marva Hanks!
— Randall Cunningham, Former NFL Player