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My Personal Keys to Success

I’m often asked how I “do it all” or how I’m able to accomplish all that I do, (Spoiler Alert: Prayer is my secret sauce), so I thought I’d share how I plan and prepare for the future both personally and profressionally.

As I evaluate, assess and plan for the coming weeks, months and years, I set my intentions by asking the Holy Spirit to join me. Then, I quietly sit with my feelings about past decisions met and unmet goals, allowing those feelings to visit.

After that, I ask myself the following questions: How can I redirect energy?, Who is supposed to join me?, Who or What needs to be edited? or What needs to be immediate priorities?

When I’ve answered them all, I pray this prayer:

Holy Spirit to elevate my view, to give me broader insight and wisdom on strategy to make sustainable IMPACT. Show me what you see, stir up a curiosity within me. Quiet the urgency of anxiousness that would push me out of YOUR stream of peace. KNOWING your WORD says you are withholding no good thing from me EXPOSE within me ways I may be sabotaging the very "things" I desire. Highlight gently my ignorance so that I might pursue KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH.

Then I finish by making a gratitude list of things God has already done to magnify HIS power in my life and fuel me for my next steps!!

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