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The Never Ever Land

Have you ever made an internal promise proclamation or vow about how you would respond if ________ happened to you? That if A,B,C scenario EVER HAPPENED To YOU that you would IMPLEMENT OPTIONS X,Y,Z? I had made some broad assumptions (some would call those assumptions "judgments") based upon limited exposure, experiences, and encounters with a very small tribe. Because of my assumptions, I WAS ready to be DONE WITH an entire POPULATION because of my OWN reasoning and comfort level.

I think we have all been there at one time or another or you may be in that season of life now. I had soooooo proclaimed I was NEVER EVER MOVING TO TEXAS - let alone Dallas - because of snapshots of the BIGGER PICTURE but in my spiritual immaturity magnified into GIANT insurmountable CHALLENGES.

I had reasoned that within my power I could not deal with the UNCOMFORTABLENESS of the challenge INSTEAD OF SEEING IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY with GOD’s power to SEE what HIS thoughts were on the MATTER.

I had not checked in with HIM about what HIS VIEW and OPINION was about what I was experiencing.

Life had happened to me enough that by the time I heard about the opportunity to move to Dallas I had an instant download of joy. Because I had learned that NO MATTER WHERE HE WOULD SEND ME HIS LOVE WOULD GO WITH ME. HIS LOVE WOULD BE all the POWER THAT I WOULD NEED to not just survive or endure a situation but in HIM alone I COULD THRIVE, whether or NOT I GOT MY WAY OR NOT.


I had learned to replace the I WILL NEVER EVER TO------HERE I AM LORD USE ME.

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