"Marva Hanks has always been a woman of high quality – taking the back seat in humility is what shines through. Over the past seven years or more she has been the sister I never had. She is a woman of Godly moral character. I know two women who are examples of Proverbs 31 (the entire chapter) – my wife, Felicity, & Marva Hanks!"

Randall Cunningham, Former NFL player

"Marva Hanks, MARVELOUS Marva Hanks. I was lucky enough to have met up with Mrs. Hanks while she was attending one of her daughter’s basketball games. Obviously Marva stands out from the crowd – that's evident the moment you see her. However, after a short conversation with her it was easy to see that she is way above most of us with her caring, giving ways and eagerness to do anything to help her community. As the Chairman of the Bloomfield, NJ Educational Foundation I felt compelled to have Marva join our organization. She not only joined us, she shook us up. Her leadership led us to "brand" ourselves in a manner we never did before. Her connections and generosity enabled us to institute one of our largest fundraising events. Her enthusiasm propelled our membership to "do more." Her commitment to the cause is unmatched. Anyone who is lucky enough to know Marva Hanks becomes a better person through her friendship."

Howard Friedman, Past Chairman of Bloomfield Educational Foundation

"I've been impressed with Marva since I met her when she was in college as I was a fledging journalist. Yes, she oozes style and grace but more importantly, she never hesitates to help others, always has kind word for strangers who approach her and thrives on connecting good people to one another. Her words of wisdom -- a result of her life experiences -- coupled with her confidence and calm demeanor always make her a joy to be around."

Kelly E. Carter, Author of National Geographic's The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel

"Marva, you have blessed me many times over with a reminder of God's Word. Promises to us, and simple sharing of your faith to claim breakthroughs since 1988! Yes, its been that long and you have remained rock solid, grounded in His Word. I love you and appreciate your testimonies!"

Dr. Michelle Vandervelde-Woodfork, Your friend and sister in Christ

"In my thirty years in education, Marva Hanks stands as one of the most concerned and dedicated individuals I have ever known for children, especially the most needy students-ones with various special needs. Marva Hanks is a combination of beauty, grace, and charm: yet, she is as humble and gracious as anyone I have ever met. When she speaks, no one looks at their watches, becomes bored, or simply "turns her off". She is eloquent, yet simple in her delivery for all her thoughts come from her heart, she tugs at individuals' heart strings as well as their minds."

R. Kent Barnes, Superintendent Holly Area School District

"It is indeed my pleasure to both acknowledge and express my sincerest gratitude for Marva Hanks. Marva, in her short time here in the Dallas area, has become an integral part of two viable programs in which I lead and direct: Food Source DFW, and our annual Juneteenth Walking to Destiny Festival. Both programs are under the nonprofit umbrella of the Memnosyne Institute. In short, Marva is helping us put shoes on kids' feet and food in their homes. In 2017 we will be providing over 1500 new tennis shoes to at-risk children, as well as providing them with a fun and educational field day type experience. In 2016 we gave away over 1 million pounds of food, and are on track to do even more in 2017. Marva is also serving in an advisory capacity on our leadership team, as well as adding to the educational and inspirational elements that impact children's lives. It is with honor and gratitude that Marva Hanks has become a part of my life, and the lives of so many as she gives of herself freely and with no expectation of anything in return, the true hallmark of service and giving." 

Rev. Dr. Todd Collier, Director, Center for Interfaith Initiatives, Memnosyne Institute

"Marva has a way of lifting you up, and even her admonishing is with love and without judgement.  She believes, encourages and
boosts me up when I lack confidence in myself, always reminding me of God's power in my life.  She is the light that Jesus instructed every believer to be and walks the walk. I thank the Father and Jesus for bringing her into my life."

Lorita (Suki) Arthur, Realtor, Coldwell Banker, Clifton, NJ

"Marva Hanks is a transformational leader with a captivating presence that can transcend the space she occupy. Her ability to connect, engage and empower an audience is a gift from God. 

Marva's two greatest assets are her love for God's Kingdom which is evident by her profound quote "Make God Famous" and the purity of her servant heart. Marva has been a blessing from the day I met her. She has supported my personal growth, our family, our foundation and our for-profit businesses. Her willingness to give her time, talent and treasures is in direct alignment with God's plan to use her for His glory. 

Marva has been a supportive sister and true inspiration to my overall development. She's been the sister I always wanted but never had, a source of positive influence and a model of excellence. I feel totally blessed to have crossed path with this wonderful soul. She's made my life whole and encouraged me to share my blessings with others. Marva is a game changer! I thank God for blessing me and my family with such a wonderful human being." 

Bo Porter, President & CEO, Real Excellence Inc. 

"Marva was a community leader eager to affect change especially in respect to diversity within the framework of the educational system. As an advocate in this initiative, I've seen advancement in this area as teachers of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, including myself, have been afforded the opportunity to teach in the district. Additionally, Marva was a member of the Bloomfield Education Foundation (BEF) that has raised funds for the community to give the students of Bloomfield access to resources to enhance their educational experience.  My students have personally benefitted from this initiative as I had previously been awarded three iPads through a grant I submitted through the BEF. The monies raised through the BEF by way of fundraising and generous donors also provide opportunities for Bloomfield High School students to receive scholarships to pursue Higher Education. Marva is a wonderful leader and friend. I know she will continue to do what God has called her to do as a connector of people to people, people to resources and ultimately people to God."

Michelle Edwards, First Grade Teacher, Bloomfield, NJ

"The day Marva Hanks joined the Board of The Bloomfield Educational Foundation (BEF) was the day our non-profit began to dream about accomplishing bigger projects, having a greater positive impact on the Bloomfield students and expanding our horizons to grow our donor and friend base.  Marva had a vision for what we could become and set to work to make it happen.  She rolled up her shirt sleeves and crafted beautiful and sought-after Silent Auctions for our annual Gala, a Super Bowl Trip Raffle that gained in notoriety each year and spearheaded many other innovative fundraising efforts for the benefit of the BEF.  She was deeply interested in enhancing the education for each and every student of the Bloomfield School District and served on the BEF Grant Review Committee and Website Committee with passion and commitment.  Marva's capacity for giving is boundless and her deep faith and belief in giving back to her community are evident in everything she does."

Ann Dassing, Executive Director, Bloomfield Education Foundation

"I met Marva about 8 years ago, at the time my husband and I were dating. Marva and Merton have known my husband since their time in SF.  I was immediately struck by Marva's warmth and genuineness.  If you are in her presence, you feel like you are noticed, and that she genuinely cares about who you are, and what you may be going through. As I spent more time with her, I discovered she is a Godly woman, who truly lives by God's word. She is hilariously funny, one of the most nurturing wives and mothers I've ever met. The list could go on and on.  

I'm not sure I can choose one characteristic about Marva that I would say is her strongest. I will say her commitment to her family is unparalleled. I also marvel at how she balances being the wife of very well known player, yet she is extremely confident in who she is. If know you Merton and Marva, you know "Merton and Marva".  It's not all about Merton and Marva is an afterthought.  They are a team, she does not shrink in his shadow, not physically or otherwise.  You don't find that often in this world.  

Her compassionate ear and unfiltered honesty have helped me immensely as I've navigated the waters of being married to a coach in the NFL. Take away the NFL, she's an advocate for marriage and families period! It's a joy to sit back and watch what God has in store for Marva. She is a willing vessel  and I truly believe, no matter where this business takes her and Merton, God will use her to impact others."

Stacey Bell Lynn, News Anchor at WNBC 4 in NYC & wife to Anthony Lynn, Head Coach, Los Angeles Chargers

"Marva Hanks is a GOD send, a friend and the big sister that everyone should be so fortunate to have in their life.  She allows you to share your deepest secrets, ambitious dreams, gain clarity on your vision and pray when your heart is troubled or glad.  Marva has been a creative and godly thought partner who has helped me time after time to create clearings to see what’s possible in my personal and professional aspirations.  She is authentic, purposeful in her interactions and shares God’s love with all who will be open to receive."

Felicia Hall Allen & Associateswww.feliciahallallen.com

"I have had the opportunity to attend events and presentation led by Marva.  The promotion, execution, and production were all outstanding.  Marva has a gift of captivating  and empowering everyone she meets.  I am astounded by her professionalism and ability to work with confidential information as well."

Dana R. Taft, Business Owner, Corporate Sales Manager

"Marva has been a blessing from the day I met her. She has supported our family, our foundation and our for-profit businesses. Her ability to speak to a crowd and hold the attention of an audience is as amazing as she is.  Marva knows God, and she isn't afraid to share Him with others. She has done public speaking to small group as well as large groups. She has the unique gift of versatility that allows her to adjust to her audience. She connects with people through fellowship and creates avenues to build lasting relationships. Most of all, Marva's goal to "Make God Famous" is her absolute creed and she lives her life in a manner that mirrors that image. I feel blessed to know and love Marva Hanks.  She has been an absolute blessing to me and my family!"

Stacey Porter, Co-Founder & Vice President , Stacey and Bo Porter SELF Foundation, Real Excellence Inc. 

"I Love Marva's heart! She is the most kind and generous person I know. She is sincere, she pays attention to details, She is kind, she is patient, she is a great listener, and she is so honest. and she LOVES unselfishly.  Her and Mert are a beautiful couple she complements him well. There children are blessed to have them both."

Mrs. Dana Felton, Executive Assistant to the Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis III