Avoiding the Orange Jumpsuit: From RAGE to a Life Transformed

"God didn't allow me to kill my husband –
instead He completely restored my heart to love him."

Merton and Marva present together and share their own story of how God transformed their marriage. This powerful personal testimony demonstrates how total love and forgiveness is possible. 

Audiences: Churches, Professional Athlete Groups, General


Facing Autism: Our Story

God began preparing Marva for her future as a parent of a child with autism decades before she came to understand what He was doing. When her daughter, Milan, was diagnosed with autism at age 3, Marva made it her mission to support families facing autism. 

Audiences: Educational Groups, Public Schools, Church Groups and Parents of Children with Special Needs


Life in Pro-Sports: Against ALL ODDS

The divorce rate for professional athletes is staggering: 60-80%. Marva and Merton Hanks have been married for 28 years and counting. This presentation is their story of overcoming those odds.

Audiences: Professional Athletes and Coaches, Spouses of Professional Athletes and Coaches


Adversity is Life's University

It seemed as if anything that could go wrong would go wrong for Marva and Merton. The variety of conflicts that arose was broad and showed no mercy. This presentation provides hope and inspiration even in the direst of circumstances.

Audiences: Church Groups, Professional Athletes Groups, and More


Creating a Championship Culture

Marva Hanks played basketball for the University of Iowa and was an All-American Player, and this presentation translates those experiences as a champion on the court to creating a championship culture in churches, businesses, and committees. Marva's message can give your team the assist they need to win.

Audiences: Business Teams, Church Leadership, Board Members, and More


Standing Tall

Being a 6'5" tall woman means that being an introvert is not an option. Walking around in "this package" naturally draws attention. In this presentation, Marva inspires tall young women and their families to see the incredible gift that comes with being part of the #talltribe.

Audiences: High School Girls, Church Groups, Women's Business Groups, Professional Athletes Groups

“In my thirty years in education, Marva Hanks stands as one of the most concerned and dedicated individuals I have ever known for children, especially the most needy students-ones with various special needs. Marva Hanks is a combination of beauty, grace, and charm: yet, she is as humble and gracious as anyone I have ever met. When she speaks, no one looks at their watches, becomes bored, or simply “turns her off”. She is eloquent, yet simple in her delivery for all her thoughts come from her heart, she tugs at individuals’ heart strings as well as their minds.”
— R. Kent Barnes, Superintendent Holly Area School District