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Discontent: The Mother of All Thieves

Remember when you could play for hours upon hours with a card board box of any size……especially if an appliance was newly delivered???

Now (not just with our kiddos) we are so quickly on to the next thing that we have become numb to the simplest of pleasures what was miraculous yesterday is ‘MEH’ today.

How does that begin or more importantly how can we put a stop to the eroding of the marvelous simplistic wonders in our lives? Our eye gates are inundated with the shiny new vibrant sparkly “thing”.

We have inherited through our common DNA from the time our parents in the garden of EDEN were tempted with the thought that the GOD of all creation would withhold SOMETHING GOOD from them. With all at their disposal and subject to their authority the thought of dis-content crept in. DIS meaning doing the opposite of.… where you ‘were enough’ and content and at ease with yourself the Freedom to choose the OPPOSITE of what was perfect union with God and with each other exposed us to discontent, disease and disunion.

The antidote to this predisposed inherited condition that afflicts all of us is again the option to exercise FREEDOM of choice. The decision to decide will I accept that there has been thought towards me (Jeremiah 29:11 I know the thoughts I have towards you thoughts to prosper you to give you a hope and a future) and my innate condition to reject, distrust, disassociate with a state of contentment BUT willingly consciously CHOOSE the true alternative WAY OF LIFE in HIM. Where I am pre-disposed to consider MY WAY I will surrender that and consider HIS WAY first, even if it means I do not get my way TRUSTING that I AM FULLY TAKEN CARE OF BY A GOOD GOOD FATHER who is NOT OUT TO GET ME, HARM ME, OR REJECT ME.

I CAN LOVE YOU FIRST because HE first LOVED me so MY LOVE TANK is already on FULL when I engage with you NOT NEEDING anything from you but to celebrate YOU fully and how WE CAN celebrate and encourage each other in this life, despite trauma, circumstances or challenges BECAUSE our PERSPECTIVE changes to take on HIS lens and see these as OPPORTUNITIES to see HIM show up as KINGS' kids taking among ourselves. “THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR OUR LORD our DADDY!”

We can take all of our thoughts, disease, discomfort to HIM because HIS love letters say HE loved us so much HE willingly sacrificed HIMSELF for US….when we were in a posture of rejecting HIM…..we tell ourselves NO, we want to try it our way with what we know and the figure it out ourselves.

HE is sooo patient in the waiting and watching us as toddlers tantrum “I KNOW HOW TO-----“ and HE delights in us KNOWING US fully all our flaws and emotions and triggers and US. HE still provided sacrificially so WE DID and do not have to stay in a state of confusion and turmoil and NOT knowing…… HE says HE WILL GIVE US HIS PEACE to comfort us. NOT Second hand peace but the PEACE THAT allowed HIM to suffer false accusation, every conceivable social injustice that we feel “WE DON'T MATTER”. HE went through too and died at the hands of authority who was supposed to protect HIS rights. HE understands and knows ALL men’s hearts and motives and DIED for them too. Everyone can think of the HELL that they would put THEM IN. YOU KNOW when you think of HELL and who YOU think is deserving of it BUT WILL excuse YOURSELF???

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